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Cure Natural Aqua Gel Instocks!
(Promotional offer: 5% off every bottle purchased)

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What can Cure Natural Aqua Gel do for your skin?

This product works like an exfoliator to remove dead skin cells by reacting with the unnecessary protein accumulated on your skin. Unlike most of the other products, Cure Aqua Gel improves the texture of your skin without using harsh chemicals like AHA, paraben. By removing the dead skin cells, your serums, lotions and moisturizer will more effectively penetrate into your skin.

Much of the product’s reviews can be found at beauty forum, Cozy Cot.

Ingredients of Cure Natural Aqua Gel: Water (90%), Glycerin, Acrylates/c10-30 alky acrylate crosspolymer, Dicocodimonium chloride, Steartrimonium bromide, Aloe barbadensis leaf extract, Ginkgo biloba extract, Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemay) leaf extract, Butylene glycol

Samples are available at $1 (postage fee) for 4 sachets.

9482 Romper
Bust: 52 - 88cm
Waist: 88cm
Width of leg opening: 56cm
Length: 63cm
Colours: Brown, Blue
Price: S$22
Member price: $19.80

08296 Free Size Lace Dress
-Bust: 88cm
-Shoulder: 36cm
-Length: 78cm
-Colours: Light Pink, Dark Pink, White, Blue, Dark Blue
-Material: Cotton
Price: $22
Member price: $19.80

9381 Chiffon Dress available in S & M
-S Bust: 82cm Shoulder: 34cm Sleeves length: 44cm Length: 81cm
-M Bust: 86cm Shoulder: 36cm Sleeves length: 45cm Length: 83cm
-Colours: Blue, Cream, Grey
-Material: Chiffon
Price: $26
Member price: $23.40

9208 (2 piece)
Available in M, L
-M Bust:90cm Length:75cm Shoulder:35cm Sleeve:35cm
-L Bust:100cm Length:76cm Shoulder:36cm Sleeve:35cm
-Colours: Green, Cream, Blue
Price: $24
Member price: $21.60

9396 Free Size Halter Top
-Bust: 62-84cm
-Length: 50cm (not including straps)
-Colours: Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink, Gray
-Material: Cotton
Price: $20
Member price: $18

9395 Free Size Dress
-Bust: 66-84cm
-Waist: 62-74cm
-Sleeve opening: 14cm
-Length: 84cm
-Material: Cotton
-Colour: As shown above
Price: $24
Member price: $21.60

9390 Free Size Chiffon Tunic
-Bust: 86cm
-Sleeve Length: 33cm
-Length: 60cm
-Colours: Black, Pink
-Material: Chiffon
Price: $24
Member price: $21.60

9389 Free Size Elegant Chiffon Pleated Dress
-Bust: 86cm
-Sleeve opening: 21cm
-Length: 81cm
-Material: Chiffon
-Colour: White
Price: $29
Member price: $26.10

9387 Free Size Chiffon Dress
-Bust: 80-92cm
-Length: 86cm
-Colours: White, Pink, Black
-Material: Chiffon
Price: $25
Member price: $22.50

9379 Free Size Chiffon Tiered Dress
-Bust: 86cm
-Sleeve width: 18cm
-Sleeve length: 57cm
-Length: 70cm
-Material: Chiffon
-Colours: White, Black
Price: $34
Member price: $30.60

08719 Free Size Polka Dot Dress
-Bust: 72-90cm (stretchable)
-Length: 57cm
-Material: Satin
-Colours: White, Black
Price: S$23
Member price: S$20.70

08718 Free Size Satin-Trimmed Dress
-Bust: 72-90cm (smocked back, stretchable)
-Length: 85cm
-Material: Cotton+satin
-Colours: White, Pink
Price: S$23
Member price: $20.70

08715 Free Size Flutter Sleeve Tunic
-Bust: 90cm
-Length: 73cm
-Material: Cotton
-Colours: Grey, Blue, Pink
Price: S$23
Member price: S$20.70

08713 Free Size Top
-Bust: 90cm
-Shoulder: 37cm
-Length: 67cm
-Sleeve length: 49cm
-Material: Cotton
-Colours: Green, Orange, White
Price: S$24
Member price: S$21.60

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